Technic College for the Food Industry

The historical of the highschool
In this peerless corner of our land, where at every step you find the testimonial about what our ancestry have done , there are uncountble historical and cultural reasons wich have determinated that begining with the school year 1974/1975 to take entity the Technic Collage of the Food Industry.
At 01.09.1975 it was given for use the new building from Dimitrie Cantemir street n.5, where it works heretofore.At that time the school was composed of the primary building, thermal point, a hostel and a canteen.
In the period between1974-1991, it was the only school from the east of our contry wich could prepare people on the field of the food industry for the counties like Suceava, Botosani, Iasi,Neamt, Bacau,Mures,Bistrita and Maramures.
Begining with the scool year 1981/1982 the schol propagated another side elevation:agrarian industrial field, with daily and night school,now specialization in the framework of the Art and Trade School,having practise conditions in the framework of the Empericism Agrarian Station of Suceava.
Adjustemented with flexibility at the tendency of the market work places,on the distance covered in the framework of our school has started to exist other specializations too, like:tourism technician,mecathronist technician,automatization technician and household agroturistic worker.
The dynamic of the contemporary society imposes a permanence orientation of the school to prepare the students in those domains, wich can allow them afther that a very good integration a big social mobility.
At present, over 1606 students are comprised in about 53 classrooms, are attentively adviced didactically corpse with vocation and a phew headmasters whom quality of managers are unquestionable.
That`s us. We are expecting you to start our way together.

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